7. Oktober 2023 - 23. ROSE

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16 km ROWING MARATHON from Velden to Klagenfurt
Rowing race according to FISA's RoR and ÖRV's RWB

Date: Saturday, October 7th 2023


Course length: 

approx. 16 km, standing body of water – Lake Wörthersee. 

Closing date  
 for entries: 

Wednesday, September 28th 2023, 6:00 PM.
 Entries after this deadline are not possible. 

 for entries: 

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Willy Koska, Karl-Marx-Strasse 35, 9020 Klagenfurt, Austria
 Tel. +43 699 1914 6880 Mail:  


Juniors, Men, Women and Masters of all categories, in accordance with the FISA Rules of Racing (RoR) and the ÖRV (Austrian Rowing Association) Rowing Competition Rules (RWB).  


11:00 AM in Velden, in front of the Schlosshotel.
The starting line is the line between two judge boats, also marked by 2 buoys. Groups start according to categories. Interval of 4 minutes between the groups. The grouping and the exact start times will be published on the Internet and posted at the regatta office.
In case of adverse weather conditions, the start can be postponed
until 3:00 PM.
 Participants arriving late will not be waited for. 


2 buoys at the flagpole of the RV Albatros Klagenfurt rowing club.

Finish time  

3 hours after the start.

Entry fee: 

€40 plus €5 deposit (€ 45 ) for the start number; the deposit will be refunded after return of the start number to the regatta office. Entry fee for JUN A + JUN B  (2005 – 2008) € 25 + 5 = € 30. The entry fee includes a commemorative medal, the bus ride to the start, a Filippi cap and a t-shirt. Raiffeisenlandesbank Kärnten; RV Albatros; BIC: RZKTAT2K; IBAN: AT79 3900 0000 0109 6718 + Partizipant.  Payment via PayPal possible. The entire entry fee of €45 must arrive in the above mentioned account
 by 2nd October, otherwise a surcharge of € 5 will be charged for the entry. 


€5 deposit
Handing out of the start numbers at the regatta office at the RV Albatros rowing club on October 6th October from 2:00 to 6:00 PM or on October 7th from 7:30 to 9 AM.
 The €5 deposit will be refunded after return of the start number after the race. 


Each age group, as well as men and women, will be rated separately. 


1st Place men / women each € 300, -
2nd Place men / women each € 200, -
 3rd place men / women each € 100, -.

All participants will receive commemorative medals; the group winners will get prizes.

The overall winners in the men's and women's categories will receive the "Rose vom Wörthersee", the rose of Lake Wörthersee. 

Boat storage: 

At the Metnitzstrand lakeshore in Klagenfurt/See (finish) and/or 2 moorings in Velden (will be announced on the Internet).
 The organiser assumes no liability for the storage of the boats. 


Participation is at your own risk.
The organiser assumes no liability (including negligence) for any damage to persons or property whatsoever (including consequential damage) arising in connection with this event.
 Traffic rules must be followed. 

For the RV Albatros Klagenfurt rowing club

Dr. Ewald Aichinger

Mag. Willy Koska


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